Our ASV GMT Team Members at NACAA

Over the Easter weekend (25-28 March), the biannual National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers (NACAA) was held in Sydney. Barry Clark, one of our restoration team’s members (and ASV volunteer) presented a poster paper entitled “Progress report on reconstruction of the Great Melbourne Telescope”. Other ASV team members who attended were Barry Adcock, who presented a paper “Infrared studies of the atmosphere of Jupiter”, Barry Cleland and Ian Barry.

Barry Clark said that many delegates showed a considerable interest in the project.

The NACAA is a biannual event and it was last hosted by the ASV Victoria group in 2014 and it included a visit to the GMT workshop.

Posters pinned to a board
Poster presentation at NACAA by Barry Clark.
Image Source: Barry Adcock

Download a copy of the report – Progress report on reconstruction of the Great Melbourne Telescope (PDF, 1.7MB)