Heritage Victoria Tour the GMT Workshop

Staff from Heritage Victoria visited our GMT workshop on Thursday 3rd March 2016 for a special excursion to check out progress on the restoration project. Director of Museum Victoria, Patrick Greene, hosted the visit and Richard Gillespie (Head, Museum Victoria, Humanities) was on hand to talk about the history of the telescope. Curators, Matthew Churchward and Matilda Vaughan provided a review of the progress on the restoration project and its technical challenges.

A group of people gathered in a workshop
Staff members from Heritage Victoria in the GMT workspace.
Image Source: Matilda Vaughan
Group of people reflected in a large morror
A reflective moment in the mirror for Matthew, Richard, Tim Smith and Patrick Greene.
Image Source: Matilda Vaughan
A group of people viewed through a metal lattice
Through the telescope lattice tube section.
Image Source: Matilda Vaughan