Slow but steady progress

With slow but steady progress; we are now at workshop #125. We have catalogued all the GMT parts, cleaned them, understood them, and are halfway through photographing, describing and documenting them; so far about 500 pages of optical, mechanical and electrical engineering plans have been drafted. Some broken castings have also been repaired.

For further details see the latest issue of our newsletter – Phoenix Newsletter – Issue 6, March 2012 (PDF 4.3MB)

One thought on “Slow but steady progress

  1. Peter Saunders

    I was aware that Melbourne did have a large telescope in the 1800’s. I for some reason thought that it was a refracting telescope not a reflecting telescope. I am a relative newcomer to astronomy but do have a couple of refractors myself. Looking up is just amazing. My trade is engineering (fitting and Machining really). I’m not sure of your processes that you require or the skillset’s that you are or will use in the future, but I would be happy to offer my skills and towards the volunteer side of the project(if in deed you are using volunteers).
    Regards Peter Saunders

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