Conservation & Restoration

Restoring the telescope for educational and public viewing means that the team will need to balance conservation principles (maintaining the existing state of the telescope) with restoration (returning the telescope to working order using original parts). In addition, some elements may need to be replaced entirely, either because they are missing or their use would potentially damage the original part.

The initial step is to assess each part of the telescope, analysing it in terms of its suitability for re-use and need for repair. The team is also documenting the condition and measuring each of the parts, so that detailed engineering drawings can be prepared.

The current engineering and conservation assessments will contribute to the development of a Conservation Management Plan. The final plan will be influenced by the proposed restoration approaches, given the proposed use and location of the telescope. The plan will be developed using the principles outlined in the Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Heritage Significance (‘The Burra Charter’).